Late October roses...

Walking around the gardens this afternoon I came across these two delightful rose buds. With the first frost just around the corner these two beauties will probably be some of the last roses for 2018.


Mid-October rose buds...

October days in the Rogue Valley are still relatively warm which allow the roses to still produce some flowers. However, with the first frost is just around the corner, these two rose buds are probably the last couple of roses we will see for 2018.


Old man in the rose...

Went out to the garden tonight to look for subject matter and happened upon this triple rose.  It's actually 3 rose blossoms stacked one behind the other.  After taking the picture I noticed what appeared to be a profile of an old man on the right side of the photo.


Rose bud

While drinking my morning coffee I happened to spot a newly formed bud on one of my roses.  I grabbed my camera and took this photo without a tripod.  After several hours I downloaded the photo into the computer for processing into the rowellfloral website.  Shortly thereafter, I went back out to take another photo with the tripod.  I was surprised to find that the "bud" was no longer but had fully opened and the opportunity for another "bud" photo had passed.  In any event, what you see below is the hand held photo from the first shot.


Star Magnolias

In early to mid March, the Star Magnolias are one of the first flowering trees to bloom in the Rogue Valley.  The one tree in our backyard has both the pure white blossoms shown here and some white blossoms with a touch of pink.  In either case, it is a welcome sign of spring.

Plum blossoms

With daytime spring temperatures in the high 50's to low 60's, the plum trees are beginning to blossom.  In about a week or so, spring will affirm itself with the many plum trees showing off their pink blossoms across the Rogue Valley.  


Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are a favorite of folks here in Southwest Oregon's Rogue Valley.  Planted in September/October, the pansies bloom throughout the winter months.  Most often, they are dug up and replaced with heat tolerant summer annuals in late April.  

The Rogue Valley is known for its annual "False-Spring" which arrives about mid-February every year.  We have lived here for 40 years and the false spring has never failed to lure the locals into a false sense of security thinking that spring is just around the corner.  Mid-February temperatures are often in the high 60's and sometimes as high as the low 70's.  However, about a week after Valentine's Day, the weather tends to slip back into the winter mode.  The attached photo was taken the day after a snow storm blanketed the Valley floor with about 2 inches of snow when a cold winter weather pattern arrived a couple days after we were basking in 60 degree false-spring temperatures.