Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are a favorite of folks here in Southwest Oregon's Rogue Valley.  Planted in September/October, the pansies bloom throughout the winter months.  Most often, they are dug up and replaced with heat tolerant summer annuals in late April.  

The Rogue Valley is known for its annual "False-Spring" which arrives about mid-February every year.  We have lived here for 40 years and the false spring has never failed to lure the locals into a false sense of security thinking that spring is just around the corner.  Mid-February temperatures are often in the high 60's and sometimes as high as the low 70's.  However, about a week after Valentine's Day, the weather tends to slip back into the winter mode.  The attached photo was taken the day after a snow storm blanketed the Valley floor with about 2 inches of snow when a cold winter weather pattern arrived a couple days after we were basking in 60 degree false-spring temperatures.